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ECOHZ offers global renewable energy solutions to businesses, organisations and electricity providers – providing renewable electricity, from a wide range of sources, regions and qualities. Renewable electricity is documented by Guarantees of Origin in Europe, RECs in North America and International RECs (I-RECs) in a growing number of countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. ECOHZ also provides an innovative additionality solution - GO² - combining renewable energy purchases with the financing and building of new renewable power generation. Companies choosing documented renewable energy can reduce their carbon footprint and improve their sustainability ratings. ECOHZ is among the leading independent suppliers in Europe and has offices in Norway and Switzerland. ECOHZ endeavours to play an active role in the current energy transition through its vision of “changing energy behaviour”. Visit www.ecohz.com

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Statkraft is a leading company in hydropower internationally and Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy. The Group produces hydropower, wind power, solar power, gas-fired power and district heating, and is a global player in energy market operations. Statkraft’s Global Environmental Markets team, based in Amsterdam, has been active in different renewable and carbon certificate markets since 2001. Visit www.statkraft.com

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Commerg is the broker using the first successful trading platform for Energy Tracking Certificates (Guarantees of Origin, Labels, Energy Efficiency-, Green-, White Certificates, …) since 2014. Commerg team of professionals always works towards a mature transparent marketplace with premium features such as Sales Trading, Auctioning and several market Reports. With a pan-European coverage, Commerg serves efficiently all trading needs of energy companies, trading houses, utilities and corporations in the field of Energy Attributes certificates. Visit www.commerg.com

Fortum is a leading clean-energy company that provides its customers with electricity, heating and cooling as well as smart solutions to improve resource efficiency. We want to engage our customers and society to join the change for a cleaner world. We employ some 9,000 professionals in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia, Poland and India. In 2018, our sales were EUR 5.2 billion and 57% of our electricity generation was CO2 free. Fortum's share is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. www.fortum.com

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3Degrees makes it possible for businesses and their customers to take urgent action on climate change. For over 15 years, we’ve provided tailored renewable energy and emission reduction solutions to our clients and helped them source high-quality, country-specific renewable energy products around the globe. An award-winning B Corp, 3Degrees has experience in over 50 countries and has supported more than 2,000 facilities. Together with our customers, 3Degrees helps develop and implement creative solutions that ensure environmental integrity and make good business sense. The company is CDP's global provider of renewable energy. 3Degrees is headquartered in San Francisco, California; learn more at 3degrees.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter

Entelios provides clean energy, expertise and technology that enables industries, companies and the public sector to become a driving force in the transition to a renewable and sustainable future.

As a part of our operations, we offer a range of advisory, management and execution services across a number of environmental markets. We also optimise the renewable energy attributes of the 48 Agder owned hydroelectric plants which have an average annual power generation of around 8,1 TWh. The installed capacity, encompassing both run of the river and reservoir facilities throughout the major waterways of Agder, exceeds 1700 MW.

Entelios is fully owned by Agder Energi, a leading Norwegian hydropower company based in the south of Norway (Agder), with history and experience that goes back a hundred years. Today Agder Energi has growing international operations.

For further information about renewable energy markets visit http://energyorigins.net.

For further information about our products and services visit http://www.entelios.com.

With long-standing experience as a provider of carbon neutral and green energy services, First Climate supports private and public sector clients all over the world, including many RE100 signatories, to achieve their sustainability goals. We provide tailored services to develop and implement global renewable energy procurement strategies, which meet CDP requirements and the GHG Protocol guidelines. By leveraging strong business ties to green energy producers all around the globe, First Climate offers individual procurement options for all kinds of green energy products, including global sourcing of Energy Attribute Certificates, and supports corporates in sourcing renewable energy through PPAs or self-generation.

Visit our website for more information.

Greenfact is a market analysis company providing market intelligence and price transparency for various green certificate products in Europe – with a focus on Guarantees of Origin (GoO).

Our products and services include a web-based platform with GoO price data & statistics, news & legal updates, plus tailored reports for PPAs and investors in renewable energy projects.

Today, more than 200 leading European energy companies are using the Greenfact platform to monitor the GoO market and to drive the profitability of their green certificate portfolios.

For more information, visit us at www.greenfact.com

Founded in 2008, Nvalue is today an independent Swiss company, composed of a team of dedicated professionals located in Zurich, Lugano, Amsterdam, Sofia and Varna. Through its portfolio management services and solid partnerships with 100% renewable energy producers, Nvalue provides businesses, organizations, distributors and retailers of electricity and gas throughout Europe with Guarantees of Origin and Biomethane certificates. Nvalue is also trading physical electricity on the main European power exchanges. For more information on how to GO Green Power, please visit www.nvalue.ch.

STX Commodities is an international environmental commodities liquidity provider. STX’s mission is to facilitate energy producers, utilities, industrials, oil majors and corporates in Europe and North America to manage their environmental portfolio by offering market access and tailored solutions. STX has built an extensive network and knowledge in the Guarantees of Origin market for electricity as well as renewable gas and is therefore able to offer a wide range of products and arbitrage opportunities. Visit www.stxcommodities.com


The AIB guarantees the origin of European energy by developing and enforcing the European Energy Certificate System - EECS – which ensures the reliable operation of international certificate schemes - and operates the inter-registry communications Hub. The AIB’s members are Europe’s energy certificate system administrators, the competent bodies for guarantees of origin – usually transmission system operators, electricity regulators and energy market operators, or the service organisations that administer energy certificate systems on their behalf. Visit https://www.aib-net.org

European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) promotes competition, transparency and open access in the European energy sector. We build trust in power and gas markets across Europe, so that they may underpin a sustainable and secure energy supply and a competitive economy. We currently represent more than 100 energy trading companies, active in over 27 European countries. For more information: www.efet.org.  

EKOenergy is an international non-profit ecolabel for renewable energy. In addition to being 100% renewable, energy sold with the EKOenergy ecolabel fulfills extra sustainability criteria and raises funds for new renewable energy projects. EKOenergy was launched in 2013 in Northern Europe and is now gradually increasing its global reach. Visit www.ekoenergy.org for more information.

The International REC Standard Foundation (I-REC Standard) is a non-profit organization that provides a robust attribute tracking standard for use around the world. This standard requires local stakeholders and government authorities to facilitate national implementation in adherence with local or national regulations. Based upon the I-REC Standard codes and associated documents – the blueprints for the attribute tracking standard – l-REC independent and local issuers are able to implement robust and transparent attribute tracking systems, ensuring the highest quality and adherence to best practices for the avoidance of double counting, double certificate issuance and double attribute claiming. The I-REC Standard governing board regulates the use of the I-REC code and associated documents. As a result all decisions are made by the board of the non-profit organization. The I-REC Standard ensures that all the RECs issued nationally are done so in adherence with all major international standards including the GHGP, CDP, RE100, ISO and others. Visit www.irecstandard.org for more information

Led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP, RE100 is a collaborative initiative bringing together the world’s most influential businesses committed to 100% renewable power. Renewables are a smart business decision, providing greater control over energy costs while helping companies to deliver on emission reduction goals. RE100 members, including Global Fortune 500 companies, have a total revenue of US.4 trillion and operate in a diverse range of sectors – from information technology to automobile manufacturing. Together, they send a powerful signal to policymakers and investors to accelerate the transition to a clean economy. RE100.org | #RE100 

The RE-Source Platform is the European alliance of stakeholders representing clean energy buyers and suppliers for corporate renewable energy sourcing. This platform pools resources and coordinates activities to promote a better framework for corporate renewable energy sourcing at EU and national level. Please find more details and the free access Renewable energy buyer’s toolkit here.

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Montel is a market intelligence provider for the European energy markets, specialising in independent price-driving news and a range of advanced analysis and risk management tools. Established in 1989, the Montel group now encompasses several companies with offices in nine European countries. We aim to be your professional partner wherever you are located.

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Carbon Pulse is an online, subscription-based service dedicated to providing in-depth news and intelligence about carbon pricing initiatives and climate change policies around the world.  Our coverage focuses mainly on emissions trading markets and other methods of using taxes and market-based mechanisms to cut greenhouse gas output.