Pre-conference workshops on 30 March 2020

Building on successful events in previous years, we have scheduled three pre-conference workshops on Monday 30 March 2020 from 14.00 to 16.30.

Separate registration is required for these sessions. The topics are:

Pre-conference session 1: Introducing the International REC Standard and I-REC Markets This session will give delegates an overview of fast-developing renewable-energy markets. How the standard works and its implications for national markets will also be covered. This workshop is intended for those interested in REC markets in South America, Africa and Asia, in sourcing renewables in different jurisdictions, and in the development of energy-attribute tracking around the world.  

Pre-conference session 2: Energy-attribute certificates within PPAs and other legal contracts In this session delegates will learn about the different uses of standard contracts and power purchase agreements (PPAs) and how these  are being revised, updated and elaborated to match the needs of increasingly mature attribute-tracking markets. In the workshop we will also address the classification of Guarantees of Origin under EU financial markets regulations. The session is intended for those responsible for negotiating – and agreeing – contracts for energy-attribute certificates. 

Pre-conference session 3: Implementing EU laws on Guarantees of Origin Delegates who attend this workshop will learn how the effective implementation of this new law is expected to support complementary efforts to increase renewable-energy production and consumption in the EU. This is one of a successful series of workshops that have already been organized in European capitals including Paris, Prague, Brussels and Amsterdam.  

More detailed information about the pre-conference workshops is available on the programme page. The fee for these workshops is €325. A maximum of 30 people may register for each workshop.