Overview of the plenary and parallel conference sessions

In 2020 the REC Market Meeting will focus on ‘the maturing renewables market’. Building on the success of previous years, the conference will continue to highlight the demand-side activities of end users and other market actors who are driving the energy transition.

In both plenary and parallel sessions, the conference will give you up-to-date information on the latest developments in the following topics:

  • Can markets surpass policy?
  • EAC Market developments
  • Germany: Market developments, review of cost socialisation
  • Current thinking on best practice and guidance documents
  • United States of America: overcoming the lack of federal action?
  • Corporate supply chain policies boosting demand for renewable energy
  • France: an in-depth exploration
  • The market impact of falling technology costs
  • Market developments: volumes and prices
  • Australia: REC markets coming up ‘Down Under’
  • Revisiting blockchain: what has stuck after the hype?
  • India: Renewable markets driving energy access
  • Standards: the globalization of consumer demand for renewables
  • Special track: Introduction to Energy Attribute Certificate systems
  • And more …

This year the conference offers a special “Introduction to Energy Attribute Certificate systems” track, aimed at newcomers to these markets. These “C-sessions” will take place throughout the first day of the conference in parallel with other sessions.

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