Overview of the conference sessions on 31 March and 1 April 2020

After the plenary opening session, you will be able to choose from a wide range of parallel sessions. These will be split in to an ‘A-stream’ on market and system developments, a ‘B-stream’ on specific national markets, and a ‘C-stream, introducing the basic elements of renewable energy markets. The following topics will be covered:

A-stream: Market and system development

  • Can markets surpass  policy?
  • Developments in energy-attribute certificate (EAC) markets
  • Current thinking on best practice and guidance documents
  • Corporate supply chain policies boosting demand for renewable energy
  • The market impact of falling technology costs
  • Market developments: volumes and prices
  • Revisiting blockchain: what has stuck after the hype?
  • Standards: the globalization of consumer demand for renewables

B-Stream: Specific national markets

  • India: Renewable markets driving energy access
  • Australia: REC markets coming up ‘Down Under’
  • France: an in-depth exploration
  • United States of America: overcoming the lack of federal action?
  • Germany: Market developments, review of cost socialization

Special C-Stream track: Introducing the basic elements of attribute tracking systems

  • An introduction to the basic elements of attribute tracking systems
  • An introduction to why consumers use energy attribute certificates and environmental reporting
  • An introduction to energy-attribute tracking in Europe - legislation, data and new developments

For the full conference programme and a list of speakers, see programme.